Rocker is a wireless and battery free Casambi Switch.

  • Rocker features 4 channels and can control: a single Casambi luminaire, a group of Casambi Luminaire and a network of Casambi.
  • on/off, Dim levels , CCT , Scenes and animations.
  • The Rocker switch has 4 channels and can control 4 different functions.
  • available in Black or White.
  • The Rocker switch comes with all the mounting accessories and can be mounted to the wall by screws or by double side adhesive tape.
  • works with both Android and IOS devices (Setup must be done with iPhone or Android device with NFC support).

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Techical Information

Dimensions: 0.75×1.77×4.18′ (Inch)
Power: Kinetic – Self Powered (Battery Free).
Protection: IP20
Configuration: NFC by iPhone or Android device.
Frequency: 2.4GHz.
Range: 10 meter radius.
Certificates: FCC, UL Pending.
Chennels: 4 Channels control.
Installation: Wall mounted by screws or adhesive tape.