NEMA 5P module with 0-10V output for plug and play in street luminaries that support NEMA 81mm socket (ANSI C136-41) and 0-10V dimming. IP66. Input 85-305Vac. Temperature monitoring and smart switching.

CAS-UNI-NEMA-5P-81-010 control unit enables easy autonomous control and dimming of 0-10V and 1-10V devices (drivers, electronic ballasts, etc.). There is no need to use hubs, master devices or complex computer programs.

Communication is achieved by a meshed Bluetooth 4.0 network.

Each control unit stores information about its own configuration and also the configuration of the rest of controls installed in the same network. This provides the system with a high robustness level and also simplifies replacement of control units as programming them is not required.

Configuration and control can be done from a mobile phone or tablet using the free CASAMBI APP (available for iOS and Android). The networks work autonomously once configured. Remote control of the installation is also possible through the cloud with a Casambi router connected to Internet.

Main use is control of outdoor lighting applications. It is provided with an IP66 UV resistant enclosure. Hydrophobic vent is incorporated to prevent condensation.

Electrical connection and mechanical fixing are done through a standard NEMA socket (ANSI 136.41) by twist and lock, without tools.


By use of CASAMBI APP it is possible to group the luminaries by streets, set dimming levels based on the time, schedule special events for specific dates, etc.

Communication range between controllers is up to 70m outdoors. Because it is a mesh type network, controllers communicate with each other until the information reaches the controller for which it is intended, even if it is located far away. During set up it is only necessary to be within the range of one of the controllers.

Communication security is provided by encrypted messages. It is possible to set different levels of access and configuration permissions. Network configuration information can optionally be stored in CASAMBI cloud and recovered if necessary. When a controller receives a firmware update, it will automatically be retransmitted to the other controllers.

Each network supports up to 250 controllers. One installation can have unlimited number of networks which can be grouped together in one Site. Through the sites we can control different networks simultaneously, each network must have access to Internet through a Casambi router.

Diverse operating modes are possible (on/off, dimming 0-100%, circadian control, tunable white, etc.).

Different communication profiles can be configured to match the luminaire requirements (see profile list).

CAS-UNI-NEMA-5P-81-010 features smart switching capability. It is possible to change between different preset light levels or scenes by flicking the power supply off and on.

Monitoring of internal temperature is possible by use of Casambi App.

It is compatible with any other devices from other manufacturers which also incorporate CASAMBI inside and CASAMBI Ready products like luminaries, presence sensors, relays, actuators, push buttons, etc.

CAS-UNI-NEMA-5P-81-010 is IoT ready. It can send information to Casambi cloud. Access to this big data is possible through API and JSON protocol to exploit this information.