Professional lighting control software for commissioning partners, forward-looking lighting designers and consultants

Casambi Pro is ideal for large-scale projects with repetitive functionalities and automated lighting controls.

Casambi Pro beta iPad screens

Fast and intuitive user interface with a new floor plan based design tool.

Project group hierarchy

Projects spaces, networks and device groups can be assigned as a hierarchical structure which can be used for navigating around the project, define network placements and scopes in the project. The user has full freedom to create their own structure as they wish.

Formatting panel

The formatting panel shows the details of the currently selected object in the project and can be used for editing selected objects property values.


Saves time in the design and commissioning phase. Configurations can be easily saved, inherited, and duplicated. Repetitive configurations can be saved as templates and then used in the project hierarchy.

Casambi Pro iPad features infographic

All advanced lighting controls needed for modern, fully automated lighting design projects.

Save time & money

Less time is needed on-site since the commissioning can be done remotely.

Building hierarchy with floor plans

Create a digital twin of your project and improve project efficiency.

Manage all phases of the project from planning to facility management.

With Casambi Pro you can share projects and collaborate with multiple project parties.

Tutorials & support materials

Introduction video to Casambi Pro for iPad

Get a brief introduction to the latest iPad configuration software tool from Casambi, specifically intended to allow lighting professionals to configure large projects efficiently.

Casambi Pro for iPad: Features overview video

In this video you’ll be presented with an overview of the features and functions available in the Casambi Pro iPad app that is now available in public beta.

Casambi Pro for iPad – Public beta quick start guide

After downloading, please read the quick start guide, from which you can find information on key features, user interface, main elements, and suggested configuration process.

Casambi Pro for iPad available now in public beta.

More features will be available during the beta period in later software updates.

Beta release notes

1EnOcean support will be available later via a dedicated pairing app for iPhone.