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The Casambi ecosystem and solutions are transforming the lighting marketplace. Our courses will help increase your solution knowledge, and our assessment is designed for existing Casambi experts desiring to gain recognition of their capabilities.

Casambi online training


Our on-demand educational material introduces Casambi to Specifiers, Consultants, manufacturers, Installers, and others interested to explore the world of professional wireless lighting solutions. Learn about our native hardware, and the primary features available from the original Casambi app.

The Casambi Solution provides an overview of Casambi’s native hardware, the original Casambi app capabilities, and advice to aid with integration and project commissioning.

Casambi Pro overview introduces the features and functions available from our new off-site pre-configuration & on-site commissioning software for larger projects.

After following the link, you can see the full list of training modules by clicking “COURSE INFO”. View topics in any order and as often as you wish. Material is only available in English.

Casambi online training

ADVANCED ONLINE (Pre-registration)

For those who have already studied our on-demand material and are interested to know even more about the Casambi solution we offer our Advanced Online course.

This series of informational videos focusses on providing further insight into the more advanced features and functions available from the original Casambi solution.

Sign up for a suitable date below. Material is only available in English.

Casambi online training

IN-PERSON Training & Assessments

Enhanced Training

This training course is held at one of our offices (see specific course dates for location & duration details). Receive a comprehensive overview of our core native products and go in-depth into all possibilities available from the original Casambi app. Benefit from seeing multiple practical demonstrations, practice device programming, network with other lighting professionals, and discuss topics you wish to have clarified.


4C Assessment (Please note that this is not a training course!)

“Casambi Commissioning Competence Certification (4C)” is a 2-day assessment where we test and evaluate your Casambi knowledge and ability to interpret customer specifications into correct functionality. Some theory is included, but most of the assessment comprises programming tasks, a larger multi-network commissioning exercise, and written test. Extensive experience with all aspects and functionality available from the Casambi app is absolutely essential. The assessment is held at our facilities in either Espoo Finland, Singapore, or Atlanta USA.

Both the Enhanced training and 4C assessment are offered free of charge and presented in English. Sign up for a suitable date below.


Custom Training

Casambi can provide customised training upon prior agreement. More information can be found here.


Course pre-registration

***Please first study our comprehensive on-demand material***

Online Advanced self-study course, Enhanced training, or 4C assessment dates are shown below.

For in-person courses (Enhanced, or 4C), please do not make travel arrangements until you receive a confirmation with additional details.

We also have authorised Training & Certification Partners in various regions. Details can be found below.

2024-06-24 Advanced (Online) Access from 24 Jun.-7 Jul. 9 seats left
2024-06-25 4C Assessment (Singapore) 2-days 2 seats left
2024-06-27 Enhanced Training (Atlanta, USA) 2-days 4 seats left
2024-07-08 Advanced (Online) Access from 8-21 Jul. 27 seats left
2024-07-16 4C Assessment (Singapore) 2-days 2 seats left
2024-07-30 4C Assessment (Singapore) 2-days 2 seats left
2024-08-05 Advanced (Online) Access from 5-18 Aug. 29 seats left
2024-08-13 4C Assessment (Singapore) 2-days 2 seats left
2024-08-20 Enhanced Training (Finland) 3-days Course full
2024-08-27 4C Assessment (Singapore) 2-days 2 seats left
2024-09-10 4C Assessment (Finland) 2-days Course full
2024-09-10 4C Assessment (Singapore) 2-days 2 seats left
2024-09-16 Advanced (Online) Access from 16 Sept.-6 Oct. 30 seats left
2024-09-24 4C Assessment (Singapore) 2-days 2 seats left

Training & Certification Partners

The companies below can offer official Casambi Training &/or 4C assessments in local language & run by Casambi 4C certified trainers. Please contact the partner for more information.

AUSTRALIA: Afterglow Lighting (

AUSTRALIA: Holders Technology (

AUSTRIA & SWITZERLAND: Holders Technology (

BELGIUM: Project Nekton (

DUBAI (UAE): smplr solutions (


FINLAND: Voltti Oy (

GERMANY: Arditi GmbH (

GERMANY: Holders Technology (

GERMANY: RP-Technik GmbH (

GREECE: Bright Special Lighting (

HUNGARY: Elcon Electronic Kft. (


ITALY: Digimax SRL (

NEW ZEALAND: Holders Technology (


SINGAPORE: iillumx Pte. Ltd (

SPAIN: Electrónica Olfer (

SWEDEN: Vadsbo LightTech AB (

SWITZERLAND: Lichtteam (

UNITED KINGDOM & IRELAND: Holders Technology (