Casambi Training Center

Enhance your knowledge!

The Casambi ecosystem and solutions are transforming the lighting marketplace. In order for people to stay up to date, we have developed educational courses for those who want to increase their Casambi lighting control knowledge or be recognized in the industry for their capabilities and feel confident when involved with Casambi installations.

Casambi online training

Online self-study courses (1 & 2)

The “ONLINE: Introductory course (1)” provides an introduction to the Casambi hardware and app through a series of informational videos and self-study presentations.

The ”ONLINE: Focus course (2)” is suitable for those with existing Casambi experience. Its focus is on some of the more complex aspects of the Casambi app (e.g. Animations, Control hierarchy…), covered in a series of informational videos. The Casambi API and DALI gateway are also introduced.

These ONLINE courses are for self-study (no live presentations) and have the access time limited.

General Casambi training certificate

General Training

The “General Training” course is a 2-day training designed to provide a general overview of Casambi’s hardware product capabilities, app features and functionality. It is suitable for anyone wishing to know more about Casambi possibilities for simple wireless lighting control.

The course is held at our head office in Espoo, Finland.

Enhanced Training

The “Enhanced Training” course is a 3-day training that covers everything in the General Training in more detail and also includes opportunities to practice hands-on programming.

The course is held at our head office in Espoo, Finland.

Review and practice

The “Review and practice” course is a 1.5-day session intended for participants who already know some basics of the Casambi app but would like to know more and also practice some programming. We review the app basics and cover aspects such as system settings, circadian and daylight scenes, animations, time-based scenes, and control hierarchy in more depth. There will also be the opportunity to practice some hands-on programming.

The course is held at our head office in Espoo, Finland.

Casambi comissioning competence certification

4C Competence Assessment

Please note that this is NOT a training course!

Casambi Commissioning Competence Certification (4C)” is a 2-day assessment that evaluates existing abilities to create and commission multiple Casambi networks. Successful “Certified Commissioning Partners” will be listed on our website. The course includes some theory, but mainly comprises of multiple programming tasks and a final commissioning test. Extensive experience of using all aspects of the Casambi app is absolutely essential.

The course is held at our head office in Espoo, Finland.

Course information

All courses are offered free of charge. Places are limited and filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please “express interest” by selecting your preferred choice below. Complete your contact information and let us know about your current Casambi experience or any particular requests you may have. Depending on the selected course we will confirm your participation or request more information as needed.

COVID-19: Our classroom based courses in Finland are cancelled until further notice.

Commissioning Competence Certification may require you to also complete a pre-evaluation before attendance can be confirmed.

For courses held in Finland, please do not make any travel arrangements until you receive confirmation and additional informational document.

2021-06-21 ONLINE: Focus course (2) Access from 21-25 June 34 seats left
2021-06-28 ONLINE: Combined Introductory & Focus (3-week access) Access from 28 June-16 July 39 seats left
2021-07-19 ONLINE: Introductory course (1) Access from 19-23 July 39 seats left
2021-07-26 ONLINE: Focus course (2) Access from 26-30 July 40 seats left
2021-08-02 ONLINE: Introductory course (1) Access from 2-6 August 39 seats left
2021-08-09 ONLINE: Focus course (2) Access from 9-13 August 40 seats left