Casambi Mesh with Bluetooth Low Energy 

If you’re looking for a mesh network protocol with low latency and low power consumption, providing a super-fast and highly reliable connection, your search ends here.

Casambi’s technology provides lighting designers and manufacturers with the ability to wirelessly link devices together enabling the creation of customizable smart lighting networks that are remotely configured and controlled using the Casambi App.

As the most popular and reliable low-power radio technology found in all modern devices today, Bluetooth Low Energy is used for communication between a mobile phone or other control device and a Casambi network. Our technology forms a mesh network, which enables encrypted device-to-device wireless communication inside the lighting network.

A high-throughput flooding protocol over the Casambi Mesh has been engineered especially for lighting controls

Flooding is the most robust method for distributing updates swiftly to every node in a large wireless mesh network. This ensures that offline or temporarily unreachable devices can keep pace with network demands. In a Casambi mesh network, messages are optimized for the lighting control application. Our sophisticated algorithm provides a self-adapting strategy to ensure that all devices will end up in the same consistent state.

Casambi Mesh. A source of resilience.

Features for one and for all.

Every node across the network runs the same firmware version, ensuring full Casambi functionality for all.

Manually configure radio channels.

You can choose to manually configure the radio channels to prevent interference from non-BLE 2.4 GHz traffic.

Free from interference.

No standard BLE radio channels are used, ensuring no interference from standard BLE devices.

Self-healing capabilities.

In a mesh network, data is automatically rerouted to prevent a connection drop. And devices powering on automatically get the full current state of the network from the nearest Casambi device.

No single point of failure.

All nodes are connected to one another, eliminating the need for a single router setup.

No additional network connectivity is needed.

Bluetooth is a WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network) technology, which means it can function without being connected to the internet.

Casambi enables a complete end-to-end solution

We allow third parties to tap into Casambi’s infrastructure in a way that is both secure and easily accessible.

Casambi’s Cloud API (beta)

Casambi’s Cloud API [beta] allows software developers to integrate with third-party building management systems. This opens the doors to remote monitoring of Casambi networks, including access to sensor, diagnostics, and usage data. The API consists of Rest API and Websocket services, and all data is received in human-readable JSON format.

Powerful user interfaces

The Casambi App, designed for modern smart devices, offers a user-friendly interface.

Robust. Secure. Scalable.

Casambi’s system architecture is crafted for continuous growth and development. This design enables us to seamlessly incorporate changes, fortifying and enhancing its strength, robustness, and security.

We use over-the-air updates to deploy the latest firmware, new software, and security features to the installed base.

A multi-level approach to security and authentication means that all data transmitted within a Casambi network is protected and safe. Endpoint connections are secured with HTTPS and WebSocket over TLS​.

Casambi offers remote debugging of devices and monitoring of commands in a network.

Casambi whitepaper

Learn about the security measures employed by Casambi’s wireless lighting control technology.