DALI for the wireless era.  

Casambi excels in simplifying smart lighting control for all, seamlessly integrating wireless and wired technologies for a universal solution suitable for any lighting project.  

At Casambi, we are committed to providing you with lighting solutions that effortlessly align with industry standards while offering unparalleled adaptability to suit your unique project requirements, whether they be refurbishment or new build projects. Our support for DALI, the most widely used standard, ensures that if you choose a wired DALI solution or wish to incorporate DALI within our Casambi wireless offering, you will always receive a full, flawless Casambi experience. 

Wireless, wired, hybrid. Your choice.

Casambi offers users unparalleled flexibility with wireless, wired, and hybrid options. Whether leveraging entirely wireless capabilities or opting for traditionally trusted wired solutions, users can effortlessly mix and match to tailor lighting networks to specific project requirements.  

A hybrid solution might entail control of luminaires through wired DALI means alongside wireless Casambi Ecosystem products in the same lighting controls system. This adaptability ensures our comprehensive solution remains applicable across diverse settings, empowering users to choose the most fitting configuration for their needs. You can still experience the rich functionality and ease of use that defines the Casambi experience, no matter the setting.  

Simplicity in commissioning. No DALI-USB. No USB cables. No PC-based software. Only the Casambi app.

Data collection from DALI. The Salvador Series offers the simplest way to read and retrieve D4i data from the app.

Integrate Casambi’s user-friendly UI. Incorporate Casambi’s UI into wired DALI projects.

Great for retrofit projects. Utilize existing wired solutions and extended functionality, but configured by a free-to-download app.

Cloud connectivity for DALI. Salvador offers the cheapest, easiest way to connect wired DALI solutions to the cloud.​

Perfect form factor. The Salvador Series is the simplest form factor for wired DALI communication.

Casambi DALI Products

Seamlessly integrate DALI devices into your Casambi Mesh using CBU-DCS, CBU-A2D and CBU-ASD units. This integration enables you to control DALI-compatible lighting fixtures using the Casambi app or other Casambi-compatible control interfaces. Or go broader with Salvador, CBU-DCS or Casambi-DALI Gateway: 


Salvador seamlessly integrates wired DALI drivers into the Casambi system, with a single unit capable of controlling up to 64 DALI drivers. DALI luminaires, when incorporated, will appear in the Casambi network as virtual luminaires. Notably, this product supports industry standards such as DALI D4i, DALI DT6, and DALI DT8. Additionally, Salvador features an integrated power supply, an internal Real-time clock (RTC) with backup energy storage, and cable strain relief to facilitate a smooth installation process. 


The CBU-DCS, a Casambi-enabled DALI controller, draws power directly from a DALI bus and does not require a separate power supply. This versatile device supports integration with DALI sensors for functions such as presence detection or daylight harvesting. Additionally, it is configurable to function as a DALI Gateway, enhancing its adaptability for various applications. Different Casambi-enabled products can be used from a simple one-luminaire direct control to a complete and full-featured light control system where up to 250 units can automatically form an intelligent mesh network.  

Casambi DALI Gateway

The CBU-DCS can be utilized with a DALI gateway profile to integrate Casambi wireless networks into a wired DALI system. The DALI gateway remains invisible to the DALI system, eliminating the need for a DALI address. It has the capacity to support 64 individual DALI addresses or 249 in broadcast mode. This approach enables the use of a DALI control system with non-DALI devices; Casambi-enabled devices seamlessly appear as standard DALI devices in the DALI system. Casambi-enabled luminaires do not require DALI capabilities, and Casambi-enabled switches & sensors are recognized as DALI-2 devices. Moreover, this configuration allows for the wireless extension of a DALI system beyond the maximum 300m DALI wiring distance. The DALI gateway also extends its support to DT6 and DT8.