Mpress Pure White

Mpress is a battery-free and energy-extracting Bluetooth switch with one or more push buttons that can be paired to a Casambi network. Mpress can handle at least 100,000 pushes and has a range of 20 meters. With Mpress, no power supply or cabling is needed to send control signals to selected luminaires.

Mpress push button/push buttons can control individual luminaires and light sources, groups of luminaires/light sources, all luminaires/light sources in a network, scenes and animations. It is also possible to hold a push button to dim luminaires/light sources.

There are also three different ways of mounting the up-switch. This can either be done in a device box, or by mounting the locking plate to a wall by placing screws in each of the four corners. Alternatively, the supplied double-sided adhesive sheet can be used to mount the locking plate on a smooth surface.

There are two different push button designs in the package. You can choose between single push button with two poles or double pushbuttons with a total of four poles. The product also comes in two variants – Signal White, adapted for Elko frame systems, and Pure White adapted for Exxact frame systems.

Note!: Mpress push buttons can be used and configured via the Casambi application with both Android and iOS devices. However, the Mpress pushbutton can initially only be mated to a Casambi network via an Android device.

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