Casambi enters DALI lighting controls market

With the unveiling of Casambi’s new DALI controller series, founder Timo Pakkala offers insights into the significance of this innovation and the timely reasons behind its introduction: 

I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you today that marks a significant milestone in the journey of Casambi. We started this company with the crystal-clear mission of setting totally new standards in user interaction with light. We built intuitive applications that allowed the remote precision controlling of light from the comfort of your favorite smart device, and our portfolio grew from there.  Today, I am proud to introduce a new addition to our offering – Salvador, our DALI Controller Series. This product range not only strengthens our position as the foundation for smart lighting but also opens up new dimensions for our users and partners in the lighting industry. 

The Foundation for Smart Lighting 

Casambi has always been a user experience company, committed to providing a comprehensive solution for smart lighting. Our technology seamlessly integrates into fixtures and control devices, facilitating the creation of unique Casambi Ready products. With a large ecosystem of 300+ partners, our collective impact spans from high-end residences to vast industrial sites, with over 5 million devices sold globally.  Our unique superpower really lies in our desire and ability to partner effectively. Collaboration is the master key to innovation.  We believe in creating win-win situations, and partnering is at the core of what we do. This ethos has set us apart and positioned Casambi as the foundation for smart lighting. 

At the heart of our system is the Casambi Application Controller, a state-of-the-art technology that is richer in functionality and more resource-efficient than any mainstream application controller available today. Our wireless Casambi mesh, based on Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, and its distributed symmetric architecture form the backbone of our system. Our hardware Extension Interface empowers fixture manufacturers to add bespoke functionalities to their Casambi Ready products, fostering innovation in the industry. Through Casambi Pro, we offer the easiest and most efficient tool and workflow for collaboratively configuring and commissioning larger projects, ensuring a hassle-free implementation process. Meanwhile, the Casambi App stands out as the most advanced yet intuitive lighting control application. 

Over the years, we have expanded our connectivity options, introducing the Casambi Cloud Gateway and supporting our partners as they’ve introduced BacNet and KNX-compatible Casambi gateways. We guarantee seamless interoperability with industry standards and ensure convenient access to core services such as ecosystem support, technical assistance, and specification resources. All these elements together constitute our comprehensive 360 solution. Our aim is to support the entire lighting controls project workflow, from initial design to commissioning, making the process efficient and accessible to all stakeholders. We are democratizing controls, enabling specifiers, electricians, system integrators, and end-users to participate in different parts of the workflow through easy-to-understand, visual interfaces that are all interconnected. 

Introducing the missing piece – Casambi DALI Controller 

We’ve finally added a key missing piece to our puzzle – our DALI controller series, Salvador. With this new addition, wired DALI products seamlessly integrate into the Casambi system. The first controller in the series manages up to 64 DALI drivers, allowing them to function like standard Casambi Ready devices. In Casambi applications, both wired and wireless devices can coexist harmoniously, allowing for a seamless blend of different product types with no limitations. 

Our decision to enter the DALI system provider domain is rooted in the understanding that the lighting industry values traditional standards like copper wires and DALI-based solutions. By utilizing our expertise, we aim to bring the efficiency of the Casambi system to the DALI side, making lighting control implementation fast and easy. We can essentially take the best bits of DALI and offer an easy way of lighting that is better aligned with today’s digital consumer.  

Wireless, wired, hybrid options. Your choice. 

Casambi has always been synonymous with wireless control, but with the introduction of Salvador, we now seamlessly integrate into the wired market. We can now offer wireless, wired, and hybrid options, providing unparalleled flexibility to our users. Whether leveraging our established wireless capabilities or sticking with the traditionally trusted wired solutions, Casambi users can effortlessly mix and match, tailoring their lighting networks to specific project requirements. The hybrid solution might include controlling luminaires through wired DALI and additionally having wireless Casambi Ecosystem products in the same lighting controls solution. This adaptability ensures that our comprehensive solution remains applicable across diverse settings, empowering users to choose the most fitting configuration for their needs, all while enjoying the rich functionality and ease of use that defines the Casambi experience. 

So herewith, we are not just providing a new product line; we are offering a fully-fledged foundation for smart lighting that empowers everyone involved in the process of controlling light. Everyone.  

For the majority of our partners, their core business revolves around selling fixtures or LED drivers. We’ve found that control systems, while essential as sales enablers for our partners, often pose challenges with high development costs for them. By focusing on creating the best control system available, we are in a fortunate position to help drive their businesses forward. Our advanced system allows partners to market superior luminaires and drivers, equipped with enhanced functionality. By providing this cornerstone for smart lighting, we aspire to enhance the industry’s overall value. Casambi Ready products are designed to meet the diverse needs of every project and space, ensuring profitability for all stakeholders in the field.