How to become a master of Casambi lighting control 

Some of the best Casambi training resources come from the company itself. We offer a rich mix of courses, each of which covers different aspects of the platform. Roni Huttunen, Technical Trainer at Casambi, explains… 

It remains our unchanging goal to make implementing and using advanced lighting controls as easy as possible for all stakeholders across all stages of a system’s lifecycle. For specifying lighting control solutions. For configuring and commissioning. For on-site installation and pairing. For facilities management. For end-users. 

While Casambi’s solution is designed with a user-first approach (it really is fast and easy to get started!), we do provide additional free training – including both online and classroom courses. These scale up from introductory presentations and enhanced training to what we call the 4C assessment (the Casambi equivalent of Black Belt).  

Online Introductory Presentations 

The first port of call for anyone new to Casambi would be our ungated tutorial videos.  These provide a broad overview of the solution, the app, and our Bluetooth modules.  

Our gated online training portal hosts a series of on-demand introductory presentations, during which you will be shown the ropes in slightly more detail and conclude with self-testing.  It is in here that we have also tailored specific courses for consultants and installers. The introductory course for consultants dives a little deeper into what Casambi can offer the lighting designer in terms of planning control systems without going into any great detail on how to actually configure a project in the app. Similarly, we introduce installers to the Casambi system’s features and capabilities (from pairing devices to configuring controls in the app) without yet drilling into the deeper programming.  

The training materials are in perpetual development as our offering expands. For example, we are currently in the process of writing a program dedicated to integration partners.  

Enhanced Training 

If you choose the Enhanced Training course, you will undergo in-person, hands-on training covering everything from the Casambi Mesh solution, hardware, and system overview to the nitty-gritties of the app’s functionalities and control hierarchy. We dig deeper into the configuration of timers, sensors, and switches, how to program animations, and utilize the more complex functions within the app. Then we open up the horizon with instruction on gateways, APIs, remote control, and ‘site’ features.  We’ve found this to be a particularly exhilarating course that really challenges the conventional thinking of those who are more accustomed to the traditional control solutions such as DALI and KNX.  

4C Assessment and Certification 

If you’re confident that you’ve mastered Casambi, you can go for the 4C assessment (Casambi Commissioning Competence Certification). During a 2-day examination, you will be rigorously tested on your command of Casambi to create and commission multiple networks. We will put you through your paces and challenge you on your technical acumen and ability to problem-solve based on your learnings.   

Be recognized for competency and best practice 

With Casambi-accredited training, you can feel confident that you and your organization are operating at a high level. 

Successfully “Certified Casambi Commissioning Partners” are listed on our website. This means we formally recognize and recommend you as a Casambi master. And for you, this means you can tap into our large existing customer base in a fast-growing market. Over 300 lighting industry companies have already integrated Casambi into their offering. Over 7,500 projects are executed monthly, and our project volume is growing +50% on an annual basis. There’s plenty of work to go around.  

Start your Casambi Adventure here 

These guys have mastered Casambi and earned their credentials to become certified commissioning partners. 

Ian Wijaya, Business Development Manager, Afterglow Lighting, Australia; 

‘I travelled to Espoo [Casambi’s Finland-based HQ] in September 2019, to undertake the 4C assessment program. Prior to that, I’d had approximately three years of experience setting up Casambi networks. Going for the 4C was a great eye-opener into the more powerful features that Casambi offers and how to implement them in real-life scenarios. It also gave the trainees a realistic feel of the problems and opportunities that may arise in the field. It was 3 days of intense and fun training with an evaluation at the end to confirm that we all know what we know! It was also a great opportunity to meet other like-minded Casambians!’ 

Louk Bouk, Business Owner, Unifit, Netherlands; 

‘I entered the 4C assessment thinking I didn’t really need it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was a challenging and informative experience that has increased my understanding of the Casambi App, and its functionality.’ 

Nicola Gill, Sales Manager, Holders Technology UK; 

‘I initially got training on commissioning with Casambi, both at their headquarters and subsequently through Casambi’s online courses as their functionality continuously develops. This has enabled me to offer guidance to specifiers, lighting designers, contractors, and end-users on how they can get the very best out of their lighting system – all based on the hardware that has been implemented.  If the commissioning is appointed to an individual who just takes out an iPad and makes it up on the spot, the client will not be maximizing their system’s potential, nor will they understand just what a great system they have purchased!’ 

Find your place at the forefront of innovation 

Wireless communication is a constantly evolving space, which is really exciting. Therefore, we are constantly updating our training curriculum. Our training teams work closely with our Engineering department and our partners to ensure that the latest knowledge can be shared with the wider Casambi community as soon as possible. That’s why it bodes well to seek training that stems from Casambi HQ.  This ensures that you are learning from authorized and accredited people, who are privy to the latest and greatest capabilities. Additionally, we are in the process of establishing in-person training at our regional offices in Atlanta, US, and Singapore. 

We have official certification and training partners who work in very close co-operation with us. For example, Holders provide extensive training and 4C certification, covering the UK and Germany. Olfer covers Spain, and Vadsbo’s Casambi Academy serves Sweden. We ensure that they remain informed on our strategy and any new technological developments that should be incorporated into the training program.  

We are looking to introduce more localized training and certification opportunities together with our partners, with the goal of establishing an ever-expanding network spanning all corners of the world. If you are interested in becoming an official Casambi training and/or certification partner, do reach out to our training team. Renew your high-tech image and reputation for handling new solutions. It’s easy with Casambi.