Power to the Specifier, Part Three: Color Control

Color plays a powerful role in our daily lives, evoking emotions, creating ambiance, even signaling when we speed up, slow down or stop altogether. This, the third installment of Casambi North America’s ‘Power to the Specifier’ blog series, covers the benefits of color control. 

It’s essential to the human experience, intertwined with the way we communicate and feel, so much so, there is an entire science dedicated to the study of the psychology of color.  

So, when we think of lighting and how that directly impacts our experience while grocery shopping, working, or dining out, it begs the question of why there is not more variety and exploration in the use of colored lighting to help set the mood, promote a unique experience, or as some studies suggest, increase sales. These extravagant features are often saved for concerts, art installations and nightclubs. Perhaps the answer to this question lies in the level of complexity, lighting requirements, integrated hardware and cost necessary to achieve a colored lighting experience. In the US in particular, there is an antiquated thought process that in order to get colored lights, a DMX system is required. Imagine those canned lights in the produce section of your grocery store. That might have been true historically, but Casambi’s BLE-based technology removes these limitations, offering an elegant solution that opens a whole new world of opportunities in commercial spaces. By not requiring separate integration, and giving the end user the ability to manipulate TW, RGB, RGBW, RGBWW through the app, Casambi has transformed what used to require heaps of hardware, lighting accessories, and a slew of operators and technicians, into a sleek node managed by the tap of the finger.  

Take Modern Age, a clinic disguised as a spa based in NYC. As they were designing the space their team was clear they wanted to emphasize Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and provide a customer experience that disrupted the status quo of your everyday clinic. They knew lighting played an integral role in setting the ambiance from the moment their clients stepped in the door, so when they were vetting potential lighting solutions, it became apparent Casambi was their best solution because of the level of customization AND the speed at which they could receive Casambi’s technology.  

The installation and customization only required an electrician, lighting designer, and project manager from Modern Age to bring their vision to life. Had they gone with another solution to create a bespoke lighting story, an installation with that level of customization would require teams of electricians, technicians, programmers and hardware. Once they installed Casambi and understood the full breadth of customization offered with our technology, they added an architectural design feature to capture the colored lights in a way that elicits a feeling of calm and serenity from their customer.  

Whether it was adjusting the color hues, or utilizing the integrated circadian schedule through the app, the Modern Age team thought of every aspect of the lighting journey starting with their technicians arriving in the morning to the cleaning staff resetting the space. They’ve artfully created a memorable experience, shepherding their clients through states of emotion all through the manipulation of color and light. Once the lighting was on point, they were able to replicate the same experience into multiple clinics throughout the city with the simple touch of a button. It’s truly inspiring to see the ways Casambi and our partners are able to elevate one another through innovation, creativity and collaboration.  

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