Jie Hou

Software Development Engineer

I have been working in Casambi for about two and half years, doing software tasks in different areas. I chose to apply to Casambi as their solution system is very well suited to my IoT competencies.

Even though there isn’t really a “typical” day at Casambi, my time is mostly spent developing and implementing any necessary new updates, requirements or features needed in the Casambi system. Together with my colleagues, I also get to work on and solve any technical issues our customers encounter and investigate and identify any possible future challenges.

There are many kinds of tasks in Casambi that are easily suited to an engineer’s experience and skillset, and one can easily find tasks in their comfort areas. However, there are also many more complex tasks for those who need something more challenging. At Casambi, my colleagues are not only working at a very high professional standard, but they are also friendly and helpful; the working atmosphere is very relaxed.

I highly recommend Casambi as a workplace as you can get familiar with all perspectives of Casambi’s core technologies and develop into a true expert who can solve the most challenging issues.