Casambi DALI Translator – Seamlessly connect Casambi networks to you DALI system

With the Casambi-DALI connector you can either extend current DALI systems with Casambi or connect multiple Casambi networks to DALI.

wireless dali gateway

Casambi has introduced a Casambi-DALI Translator that integrates seamlessly with existing DALI systems. Casambi network can be used as part of a DALI installation. With the Casambi-DALI Translator all Casambi devices appear like standard DALI gear to the DALI controller.  

Casambi networks can be controlled in the same way as wired DALI systems, using the existing DALI controllers. It also enables connecting Casambi networks to Building Management Systems. 

Casambi wireless DALI

Extend DALI systems with Casambi

With Casambi-DALI Translator you can extend your current DALI networks with wireless Casambi networks. You will get all the benefits and flexibility of wireless Casambi BLE mesh networks and still remain all the DALI functions and controls.

Connect wireless Casambi BLE networks with DALI

Connect multiple Casambi networks to DALI

By integrating multiple current or upcoming wireless Casambi networks to DALI with our new translator you can manage and connect all your Casambi networks to Building Management System (BMS) supporting BACnet or KNX.

Ecosystem of 100% interoperable devices

Any of the following can be used as part of a Casambi network & as part of a DALI installation

What next?

Casambi offers comprehensive support for anyone wishing to incorporate the Casambi DALI Translator into their lighting control solutions. Please contact us by filling the form below.

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