AssetBook combines all your smart systems – your assets – into one system, whether these are in your home, your business, hotel, restaurant or a whole block. Your platform on AssetBook gives you a clear overview of all your assets, but at the same time you can always zoom into a specific component if you really want to go into the details. You can set up triggers, alarms and notifications if things stop working, and you can easily monitor everything in the system.

With AssetBook you no longer need to switch between different system or upgrade your smart home the moment a new update is available. We are working with over 400 000 different assets and we continue to grow every day.

We collect data from a lot of different sources, so whether you like to control the floor heating in several buildings at once, get a GPS overview of your company’s car pool or simply want to turn on the lights in your home you can do it all from one view – in your own customized AssetBook.

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