CBA1024 – DC Blind Actuator

Casambi blind actuator for 10-24V DC Caravan, roof, roller shutter, venetian blind, hangings … Automate your enviroment with Casambi ready sensors. With your tablet or smartphone controlling and configuration such as control time functions is very convenient and easy.

Quick installation due to a compact terminal, all internally wired for motor connection cable. Extended comfort functions such as longpress, toggle, scene and group functions.

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  • Current controlled, limits, ramp and positionAstro timer, group scenes (Mesh)
  • Slider drive position
  • 2 inputs free programmable
  • Safe operation, full protections …



Technical facts

  • 2 CH blind actuator for DC
  • Control: Casambi, local control
  • Power supply: 10…24V DC / 5A
  • Construction: mini Installation housing
  • Dimensions: 44 x 29 x 16,5 mm