CTS2 Casambi tactile sensor coupler

CTS2 combines a Casambi coupler and a Gira push button sensors to a highly responsive user interface.

Two additional isolated all-voltage inputs on the rear can be used for push-buttons, motion control and also for all kind of notification and alarm sensors. Each of the inputs can be mapped to any Casambi command. Status is indicated via the LEDs and synchronized with other CTS2

Knowing the status of Casambi groups, scenes, timers or devices gives you a verbose and completly new experience of your Casambi installation. The backlighted front panel can be labeled with individual icons for perfect intuitive operation.

A second operation layer gives you access to additional scenes, saving costs and installation space.

Suitable for System 55 product range such as Gira, Berker, Jung, Merten and others with this common form factor. There are several push-button designs available up to your choice.

  • Perfect tactile and visual feedback
  • Suitable for System 55
  • Two additional inputs
  • LED-Sync on multiple devices
  • Second operation layer

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