DALI Interface

Configurable and versatile with the CASAMBI app. Sends DALI broadcast (1 Ch) or to DALI address 0..3 (multi-channel). Configuration of the other interface types (DALI: 1..4 Ch, TW, RGB, RGB+W, RGB+TW) possible before coupling to the network: Change profile. For up to 5 devices. Additional button input, freely configurable in the app.

  • supply input: 220..240V; 50Hz
  • radio signal: 2.4..2.483 GHz; 4dBm
  • signal output: DALI / 10mA
  • Range outdoors: up to 150 m
  • Ambient temperature (ta): -20..+70 °C
  • Max. design temperature (tc): 80℃
  • Dimensions: 80.7x30x15.3mm

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