Eikon Exè

Vimar radio frequency controls with Eikon Exè plates are perfectly coordinated with every other device of our home.  An ideal solution for renovations, redevelopments and furnishing updates, or any installations that have regulatory or architectural constraints.

The wireless modular controls can be installed on standard flush mounting boxes or can be placed almost anywhere, on glass or wood surfaces, using double-sided tape. They ensure maximum installation flexibility, since there is no need for masonry work or having to repaint walls, and can therefore be moved if necessary.

The wireless battery-free controls send the signal to the connected 2-way switch to which they are associated, exploiting the power supply provided by the built-in electro-dynamic generator.

The configuration is done by Casambi APP.

Each control consists of 4 push buttons which can be configured individually or in pairs according to the characteristics of the associated.

Eikon Exé is pure essence. Essence of shape: pure and with slim profiles to emphasise the design. Squared corners and striking silhouettes give rise to a series that blends in seamlessly with any environment. Stylish details 100% made in Italy. But above all essence of material. Resulting from a meticulous selection process, the different materials available in different top-quality finishes, create a different, original soul each time. To offer an extensive variety of solutions suited to any environment.

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