Figaro 40 A P

Figaro is ideally suited for office and educational environments. It offers options in both 3000K and 4000K, with choices of 80 or 90 CRI, and provides three distinct output levels: High, Medium, and Low. The profile dimensions are 45mm in width and 82mm in height, and it offers a choice between two diffuser options: the soft radiance of Matt Opal and the precise control of Micro-prismatic.

Standard finishes come in Black, White, Grey, and natural Aluminum, while custom RAL colors can be requested for a personalized touch. With availability in multiple lengths, Figaro 40 A P accommodates projects of varying sizes, even with the additional convenience of emergency functionality. We encourage you to engage with our sales team for a detailed discussion regarding how Figaro 40 A P can elevate your specific project.

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