The HDL35CB is a Casambi Ready constant current LED driver. It’s also a fully software-programmable driver based on the advanced features offered through the Casambi platform.

The output channel, rated current, on/off fade time, trim level and dimming curve features are all adjustable via the Casambi App. These features allow customers to apply the technology to various applications with a rich mix of options.

It also implements the advanced full DC dimming scheme. There’s no PWM modulation and it’s 100% physically flicker free across the whole dimming range. It also offers very good low brightness performance to build up an elegant low brightness environment and on/off dimming experience.

  • Input voltage: 180-240V AC
  • Output: Single color or CCT, 0-1400mA, 0-50VDC, 0-35W
  • Dimming method: Full DC, 100% flicker free
  • Rated current option: 200mA-1400mA by changing profile
  • On/off fade time: 0-25.5 seconds with 0.1 second step
  • Output current trim: 100%-50% with 5% step
  • Dimming curve: Linear, Logarithm, Optimized logarithm.

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