HDN20CB 20W 2-in-1 Smart Driver

HDN20CB driver is a 20W Casambi ready constant current LED driver. It’s also a fully software programmable driver based on the advanced features of Casambi platform.

The output mode, rated current, on/off fade time, trim level and dimming curve features are all adjustable from the Casambi app. These features allow customer to apply in various application with rich options.

It also implements the advanced full DC dimming scheme. These’s no PWM modulation in full brightness range and it’s 100% physically flicker free in whole dimming range.It also has very good low brightness performance, to build elegant low brightness environment and on/off dimming experience.


  • Input voltage: 180-240V AC
  • Output: 2-in-1, Single color or CCT, 0-1050mA, 0-50VDC, 0-20W
  • Dimming method: Full DC, 100% flicker free
  • Rated current option: 200mA-1050mA by changing profile
  • On/off fade time: 0-25.5 seconds with 0.1 second step
  • Output current trim: 100%-50% with 5% step
  • Dimming curve: Linear, Logarithm, Optimized logarithm.

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