IN.finite CASAMBI 4Ch CV


IN.finite™ Casambi 4CH EVO is one of the most flexible control solutions for constant voltage based (DC) systems like LED flex tape or others.
With its slim form factor due 30 mm width and 21 mm height, it can fit into most applications.

Multiple predefined profiles make IN.finite™ control range the perfect match for LED Linear™ luminaires, but this counts as well for all other suitable products from 3rd party manufacturers.
These dedicated profiles make the two output channels work independently for single channel luminaires or together for tunable white / dim to warm solutions.

  • Input voltage: 12-48 VDC
  • Output: 12-48 VDC, 4CH mode 8 A (max), 2CH Mode 10 A (max)
  • PWM: 1600 Hz
  • Dimming Range: 0% – 100%
  • Dimming Curves: Lin, Log, TW, Dim-to-Warm, RGB, RGBW and more
  • Sensors: 2 Sensor Inputs, 1 x digital and 1 x analog, 1 x AUX supply
  • Firmware: Evolution/Classic
  • Protection: IP20
  • Wire Type: 24-16 AWG
  • Product dimension: 21 mm x 30 mm x 188 mm (H x W x L)
  • Designed and engineered in Germany. Produced in EU
  • Lifetime up to 100,000 h in standby and 65,000 h with continuous full load
  • Separate end caps for luminaire integration or standalone use
  • Automated power reduction in overload situations
  • Order code: 16000362-EVO

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