KUMUX HCL API seamlessly integrates with the Casambi ecosystem. It determines the best light settings for a geolocation, the season, and the time of the day, taking sleep-wake cycles into account. Kumux keeps their service up to date with the latest scientific findings and use data science to create automatic dynamic light scenes for tunable white lightbulbs. Kumux researches artificial intelligence to maximize the accuracy and scalability of their solution. The software has been awarded as the best scientific paper of the year 2020 by the LpS Digital lighting conference and exhibition. KUMUX HCL API uses the technical properties of a lightbulb to re-create light scenes. Light scenes will appear perfect no matter what types of light fixture is in use.

  • Geolocation and day time
  • Adapt light combinations to environment conditions
  • Daylight – CCT
  • Color correlated temperature.
  • Experimental data
  • Solar spectrum UV-Visible-Infrared 10 min interv
  • Sun position
  • (φ, λ) & Datetime Timezone Altitude of the Sun.
  • Secure API
  • Private access to the API

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