The dimmer series LD has wireless possibilities through the bluetooth protocol that is integrated in the majority of today’s smartphones and tablets. Through the Casambi app, you can easily get full control over your lighting and thus full dimming possibilities through your smart device.

You get simple, intuitive dimming and on/off function through the free app from Casambi. You can find it through the App Store or Google Play Store.

Dimming with resilient pushbutton app
Connect a resistant switch and gain synchronized control over your LD220WCM dimmers and the entire bluetooth system. The switch can be customized through your smartphone/tablet to gain control of a device or an entire group of lights.

Time control and astro function
Astro function means that the lighting follows the sun’s rising and setting. By choosing your geographical position, you are given the opportunity to control your lighting according to the rising/setting of the sun. The astro function and time control are set via the app. The settings are then stored in the dimmer’s memory and operate according to the dimmer’s internal clock and operate completely independently.

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