Bi-Dim is Casambi enabled wireless controlled LED driver with 2 channels output using Casambi CBM-002 module. Bi-Dim is a low voltage DC driver that works with 48-57VDC input and independent output of 1 or 2 constant current dimmable channels.

Up to 30w (Total output), adjustable output current from 250mA to 850mA by DIP switch.

Dimming range from 0 to 100%, No flickering. Support Tunable White and 2 independent dimming.

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  • Bi-Dim can be controlled by Casambi free App.
  • Multiple Bi-Dim devices can be used in the same area/network


  • Bi-Dim can be installed remotely or integrated in a fixture or gear box.
  • Bi-Dim work with 48-57 VDC class 2 power supply unit.

Technical facts:

  • Input Voltage: 48-57V DC
  • Output: 2 Channels (8-42V per channel)
  • Output Current: 250mA-850mA
  • Operating Temp: -20…+80c°
  • Size(mm): 105x32x13
  • Dim: By Casambi app
  • Dimoptions: TW(CCT+DIM) or 2 Channels