LED CV PWM Dimmer Linear

This device is developed for direct drive of constant voltage LED applications with low capacitive loads and enables control via Casambi. It has 1-Channel. The benefit is a smooth dimming without artefacts.

Bendable joint in the middle of the PCB

Typical applications: Filament bulbs, LED Bands, deco fixtures

  • Input Voltage Typical: 12 to 48V DC
  • Input Voltage Maximum: 10 to 52 V DC
  • Output Voltage: 2 Vin-0,2V
  • Output Power Typical: max. 2 A (96 W)
  • Output Power Maximum: max. 3 A (150 W)
  • Power Dissipation: max. 2 W @ max load
  • Size max: L. 97.35 mm x 14.5 mm x H. 4.37 mm

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