Compact, Programmable CC Driver with CASAMBI Wireless

LEDIM/D1C is the evolution of LEDIM’s proven LED drivers into the world of CASAMBI wireless. D1C is your wireless driver of choice when it comes to highest efficiency, compact dimensions and maximum flexibility. You can use D1C as a minimalistic stand-alone solution with CASAMBI (and touch dimming), or as part of the LEDIM/ModularSystem in combination with other LEDIM drivers. Thus, also complex use cases such as Tunable White, Dim2warm or many simultaneous CC outputs can be easily mapped.

D1C is designed as a space-saving open-frame module. LEDIM’s TouchDim technology is always on board and ensures reliable, long-term stable and interference-resistant dimming by touch or by push button. You can – but don’t have to – use touch/push button dimming in parallel with CASAMBI wireless dimming. Both work perfectly together, and the dimming value set by touch is passed back to the CASAMBI network.

LEDIM is developed and produced in Europe: Highest quality and local contact.


  • Intelligent single channel constant current LED drivers with full analog dimming
  • 100% flicker-free
  • Dim2zero – dim down to zero brightness
  • Dimming via CASAMBI wireless and Touch/Pushbutton
  • Freely programmable output current up to 1500 mA (via CASAMBI app adjustable to 350/500/700/1000/1500 mA or customer specific fixed to a certain value)
  • Supply voltage up to 24 VDC
  • Can supply several series-connected LEDs/COBs/Engines (depending on the corresponding forward voltages)
  • Tool-free cabling concept for ultra-compact applications

Technical data

  • Max. Supply voltage: 24 V DC
  • Max. Output voltage/current/power: 20V / 1500 mA / 30 W
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 70 mm x 20 mm x 6.5 mm

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