Intuitive remote touch dim

Dimming by touch is intuitive and fun – but what if you don’t want or can’t touch directly on the luminaire? The pendant luminaire swings uncomfortably when you touch? The ceiling light hangs too high anyway? The solution is remote touch with LEPUK: Dimming as on the luminaire, but at a distance. And thanks to CASAMBI® Wireless technology, more than just one luminaire can be addressed if required.

LEPUK is available in a timelessly beautiful wooden housing or as an open frame for customer specific integration.

LEPUK is developed and produced in Europe: Highest quality and local contact.


  • Remote Touch-Dim: Dimming via 1-finger contact on the upper anodized aluminum sphere segment
  • Configurable from 1 to 4 channels – switch channels by tilting LEPUK (yes, it has a motion sensor!)
  • Matching B1C bridge or D1C driver available as part of the LEDIM/ModularSystem
  • Can control several luminaires in combination
  • Low-power technology allows battery life up to 6 months, charging via USB


  • In wooden housing with anodized aluminum top. Several kinds of natural wood and anodization colors are available
  • Open-Frame module

Technical Details

  • Supply: Integrated Li-Po battery, charging via USB
  • Dimensions with housing (D x H): 73 mm x 62 mm
  • Dimensions open frame module (W x H): 28 mm x 35 mm

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