Lithoss Casambi Dimmer

General Description

The Lithoss Casambi Dimmer is an innovative, wireless rotary dimmer for Casambi that allows you to dim in style. The button’s design – the traditional cone shape or the more luxurious diamond-pattern knurl shape – is a piece of real craftsmanship: manufactured in a masterly way, with an excellent grip and an authentic touch. The device provides precise control over the brightness of your luminaires and can also be used to instantly switch your luminaires with its integrated push function.

Powered by a battery, it is completely wireless and available in a range of high quality materials like brass or copper and luxurious finishes like brushed bronze or gunpowder black. Of course, there is also a choice between a square frame or a round frame and they can be combined with other modules up to a fourfold frame.

The dimmer exists in different variations: Tunable White and RGB. By double pressing the dimmer dial itself, the devices enters its alternate mode.


    In this mode, you can change the colour temperature of your luminaire by turning the dimmer dial. This is the standard version for controlling monocolour luminaires.


  • RGB:

    In this mode, you can change the colour of your luminaire. By turning the dimmer dial, you are essentially scrolling through a RGB colour wheel with over 90 different colours.

To minimize confusion, we offer three different variations of our dimmer (monocolour, tunable white and RGB), but all variations can control monocolour luminaires. So controlling a group or scene with a monocolour device and a RGB device in it is perfectly doable.

Technical Specifications

  • Fully customizable
  • Wireless
  • Battery powered
  • Incremental rotation
  • Monocolour, tunable white and RGB dimming

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