PWM4 10A 12-48VDC

Code: DEM.214.

4 channel Bluetooth PWM dimmer.

4 independent PWM outputs at 1.95kHz, making ideal for TV studios.

The dimmer’s total output is capable of supplying up to 480W @ 48VDC, 420W @ 42VDC, 240W @ 24VDC and
120W @ 12VDC of load max.

Indoor use only.

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Output channel 4

Input voltage: 12-48VDC

Total Output current: 10A
(Ch1 + Ch2 + Ch3 + Ch4)
Maximum current per channel 10A

Output voltage: 12-48VDC
Maximum output power 12VDC-120W / 24VDC-240W / 48VDC-480W


Dimmable PWM: 1953Hz

Type of loads
Constant voltage dimmable LED modules