Remote control MESH / SOLID

These self-powered, battery free remote controls are compatible with all CASAMBI ready dimmers and power supply units with integrated CASAMBI modules. The four programmable buttons can be assigned as following: control of a particular luminaire, luminaire groups, individual elements (individual channels of a multi-channel dimmer), activate scenes and animations. One button, assigned to a luminaire can switch (on/off, short press) and dim (increase/decrease brightness, long press). The individual configuration of the remote control can be done in the CASAMBI app.

For a more comfortable use, the layout of the buttons can be changed within the CASAMBI app as well. For instance, to control a tunable white (TW / CCT / dual white) luminaire, the layout can be set to “dimmer and temperature”: buttons on the left side switch and dim the luminaire, buttons on the right side are setting the desired color temperature. To activate the remote control a NFC enabled Iphone (Iphone 7 or higher with IOS13 or higher) or Android device with NFC is needed. For configuration a BLE 4.0 capable smartphone or tablet is needed.

To serve different taste, we offer the CASAMBI ready remote control in two variants, the MESH design and the SOLID design. With the MESH version we have succeeded in saving 70% material. We think both remote controls are well suited to get in touch with CASAMBI.

  • 4 freely programmable buttons
  • power supply by kinetic energy harvester
  • radio frequency: 2,4Ghz, BLE 4.0
  • signal range: up to 20m
  • operating temperature: -25°C – 65°C
  • number of operations: typ. 100.000 (tested at 25°C)
  • weight: 39g (MESH), 81g (SOLID)
  • dimensions: 120mm x 52mm x 19mm

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