Wireless emergency lighting system


Tridonic provides wireless emergency lighting based on Casambi technology.

Tridonic uses the proven basicDIM Wireless system as the backbone of the solution, providing wireless connectivity for the emergency luminaires via a fail-safe mesh network without any additional cabling or structural changes. The luminaires are set up via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Existing DALI emergency luminaires with a PRO emergency lighting unit can be easily upgraded and integrated into the wireless network. For this purpose, Tridonic offers the also new, compact basicDIM Wireless G2 module.

Luminaire manufacturers can easily convert standard emergency luminaires equipped with a PRO emergency lighting unit into wireless emergency luminaires with the new Tridonic basicDIM Wireless G2 module.

A gateway connects all the wireless emergency luminaires to a sceneCOM evo controller. Once commissioned, the controller acts as the “brain” and takes over command of the entire lighting solution – fully automatic and exactly as the user requires. This also applies to the required central monitoring and automatic testing of emergency and safety lighting systems.

Tridonic has developed a control logic that enables the controller to automatically test the individual luminaires integrated in the network and to display the system status in real time.

The test and system data is accessed via Ethernet from any web browser. Up to 192 luminaires can be connected to each sceneCOM evo controller.

  • Central monitoring of individual luminaire
  • Automatic testing of individual luminaire
  • Standard-compliant log book with all the relevant information for downloading as a PDF or XML file
  • Can be integrated into existing installations without the need for additional wiring
  • External access is via a PC, notebook, tablet or other internet-enabled device. The test and system data is accessed via Ethernet from any web browser.
  • On request, a software package can inform the asset manager about faults and errors via email.
  • Up to 200 sceneCOM evo controllers can be connected (as many as 38,400 individual luminaires).
  • Firmware updates are available wirelessly on any Android or iOS device.
  • The relevant components of the wireless emergency lighting system are BSI Kitemark™ certified and comply with all standards and regulations relevant to emergency lighting.

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