Casambi End-of-Life Policy

Overview and Scope

This End-of-Life Policy (the “Policy”) outlines the guidelines and procedures for the end of life of software and hardware products owned or developed by Casambi Technologies Oy, hereinafter referred to as “Casambi”

The purpose of this Policy is to establish a consistent and transparent process for managing the end of life of software and hardware products to ensure the smooth transition for customers, stakeholders, and Casambi.

This Policy applies to all Casambi products and related services (hardware products hereinafter called as “HW Product(s)” and software products as “SW Product(s)”). However, any relevant HW Product warranty terms shall not be affected by this Policy.


End of Life (EOL)

The process where Casambi defines the dates and relevant details of the discontinuation of manufacturing, delivery, support, maintenance and development of a Casambi product.

End of Standard Support (EOSS)

The date after which Casambi will no longer further develop the SW Product by means of making available standard new (feature) releases for a SW Product.

End of Sale (EOS)

The date after which a HW Product or part thereof is no longer for sale. In other words, this is the last date for ordering the HW Product(s). 

Maintenance Mode

The state where a SW Product is being maintained but not further developed by Casambi. The Maintenance Mode includes the availability of help desk services and the provision of critical fixes to software but no feature development.

Conditions of Policy


Casambi outlines the details about the intention and planning to cease the commercial availability of a HW and/or SW Product or part thereof in the EOL notification. The EOL notification shall include the EOS and/or EOSS dates, as well as other relevant details.

For the avoidance of doubt, Casambi products may be used beyond the end of Maintenance Mode at end user’s sole discretion.

End of Life for HW Products

The EOS date is a minimum of six (6) months, but typically twelve (12) months, from the date of EOL notification. Final shipment date for HW Products is six (6) months after the EOS date, unless otherwise defined in the EOL notification.

End of Life for SW Products

Casambi ensures the continuous development of a SW Product until the EOSS Date, which shall be   a minimum of twelve (12) months from the date of last software release as defined in the respective EOL notification. 

The Maintenance Mode will last a minimum of hundred and eight (108) months from the EOSS date.

Further Information

This Policy may be updated or revised periodically by Casambi as necessary. The most current version of the Policy is available to customers and stakeholders on Casambi’s website. All Casambi EOL notifications can be found in You may further sign up at the to receive EOL notifications.

This Policy comes into effect on November 22, 2023 and replaces all previous EOL policies of Casambi.