Extend DALI systems with wireless Casambi networks. It’s easy.  


Wireless lighting control is the pathway to sustainable buildings – providing the technology is interoperable, easily retrofittable and cost-effective.

Casambi can expand pre-existing wired installations and upgrade them to include a whole host of smart devices for wirelessly networked lighting control. We support all the prevalent communication protocols commonly used in the lighting industry today. Not least, DALI.

Upgrade your DALI system with Casambi.

Ideal for renovations or extensions.

Casambi’s Wireless DALI Gateway expands wired installations so that end-users can enjoy all the benefits and flexibility granted by wireless networks.

Gain DALI device control, wirelessly.

Powered directly from a DALI bus, Casambi’s CBU-DCS can be used for controlling a DALI driver or sensor for presence detection or daylight harvesting.

Wireless DALI dimming.

Casambi can communicate with a DALI network through a CBU-ASD. Install this miniature Bluetooth unit for wireless control of LED drivers with 0-10V, 1-10V or DALI dimming interface.

Casambify DALI drivers.

A CBU-A2D can control one or two 0-10V controllable LED drivers or a tunable white LED driver with two 0-10V control interfaces.

Make your DALI emergency lighting system wireless. 

Tridonic’s Casambi-based emergency lighting system supports DALI DT1 standard devices – meaning reliable interoperability with DALI local battery emergency control gear and advanced data extraction capabilities from networked devices.

Great for integrations with BMS.

Casambi enables wireless DALI networks that can be connected to Building Management Systems supporting BACnet and KNX too.