Get retrofit ready. 

Get Casambi Ready.

Casambi is a control system that seamlessly integrates with lighting products, offering many benefits that will leave your customers raving. 

With wire-free control via a feature-rich application, Casambi provides the ideal lighting solution for your customers’ refurbishment projects. Simply power up the luminaires and unleash their full potential:

Energy savings

Upgrading old fixtures to Casambi greatly reduces energy consumption compared to old, uncontrolled, or wired control systems. Casambi supports presence sensors, daylight sensors, timers, and software tools that enable energy optimization through automation, continuous monitoring and performance analysis.

Better light quality

The Casambi app enhances occupant well-being by offering customizable lighting control, which includes fine-tuning intensity, RGBTW adjustments, and individual control. This improvement results in an overall higher light quality compared to old, uncontrolled sources.

Lower maintenance costs

A luminaire is replaced simply by pairing the new device in the app. No new wires need to be installed, no walls or ceilings need to be reconstructed. Casambi also eliminates the need for costly maintenance by enabling remote configuration, troubleshooting, and over-the-air firmware updates, reducing dependence on onsite specialists. 

“The partnership between ERCO and Casambi has been a game-changer for heritage lighting, introducing an exceptionally intuitive solution with a high level of flexibility. Our sales of fixtures equipped with Casambi are growing year by year overcoming the standard DALI drivers. This innovative Bluetooth control system allows our customers to obtain very specific light scenarios in an extremely simplified way.“ 

Andrea Nava, Managing Director of ERCO Italy.

Gain a competitive advantage. Gain the Casambi advantage.

Sell more products.

Wired systems limit flexibility, but Casambi liberates users by enabling effortless modifications and expansions to their lighting setups. All Casambi Ready devices work together, regardless of brand, allowing customers to add more products to their installations with zero hassle.

Sell more than products.

Sell lighting for every momentBy integrating Casambi into your products, you can provide your customers with on-demand satisfaction via remote programming of lighting scenes, timers, and light levels.

Sell peace of mind.

With simple setup & futureproofing. Casambi’s software-driven approach to innovation ensures your Casambi Ready products stay up-to-date and compatible with future technologies, providing the ultimate futureproofing for your customers’ projects.

Minimal disruption​. Maximum gains.

It’s easy to integrate Casambi into your products. There are three options: 

1. Connect

a Casambi Bluetooth Unit to an LED driver.

2. Use

an integrated Casambi Ready driver provided by one of our ecosystem partners.

3. Integrate

Casambi into your LED drivers, light fixtures, and LED bulbs using a Casambi Bluetooth Module.

Casambi whitepaper - Casambi for Retrofits

Casambi whitepaper: Revolutionizing Retrofit & Refurbishment Projects with Casambi.

Discover how Casambi effectively addresses the challenges of retrofitting by offering innovative solutions that elevate energy management, embody a human-centric design, and present options tailored for adaptive environments.

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