2022 Casambi Awards: The Winners

We are extremely pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Casambi Awards!  

Created as a prize for designers and avant-garde ideas, the awards celebrate the many innovative ways in which architectural lighting projects and products have deployed Casambi technology to create the wow factor. 

 Panathenaic Stadium in Athens wins Best Project in 2022 Casambi Awards.

The award for Best Project this year went to the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens for its wireless lighting system. Ordered by the Hellenic Olympic Committee to protect the sacred building while significantly enhancing the venue’s sustainability claims, it has been designed by Lighting Art and commissioned by Electron. The installation comprises over 3,600 LED bulbs, features Casambi-enabled DT8 DALI Tunable White with an Electron Elegant Max custom lighting projection system.

 CoeLux HT25 Mini wins Best Product in 2022 Casambi Awards.

Luminaire manufacturer, Coelux, won Best Product with CoeLux HT25 Mini, an artificial skylight that introduces chromatic tuneability – reproducing the scenarios, color, and light intensity of the sky across a clear day, from sunrise to sunset. Through Casambi, it is possible to control the color temperature and light intensity of CoeLux HT25 Mini, giving end-users the opportunity to recreate an atmosphere to reflect their emotions and providing all the benefits of natural light where it might be lacking. 

Both submissions honor the competition’s requirements for imagination, functionality, and passion for the craft. The winning designs impressed the judging panel with their consideration for functionality, performance, and high customer satisfaction:

‘The lighting design of the Panathenaic Stadium is superbly executed, excellently highlighting the clear geometric shapes of the world heritage site. Casambi wireless control has made it possible to install a state-of-the-art controls system without further damaging the cultural site.’ Till Armbrüster, Casambi Award Judge and Head of Product Design at Licht Kunst Licht AG 

‘The CoeLux solution is perfect for domestic spaces.  A comfortable diffused light that recreates a natural light. This miniature version makes it more accessible to different projects.’  Aristide Stucchi, Casambi Award Judge and President of A.A.G. Stucchi.

It is great to see additional Casambi benefits such as sustainability and flexibility considered at project concept stage and becoming key design factors […] Casambi has the ability to create limitless control and it is exciting to see luminaires and control products being developed to support this narrative.’ Zoe Faulkner, Casambi Award Judge and Associate of Troup Bywaters + Anders 

The winning entries will be presented at the Casambi Summit, taking place on May 12, 2022, and will also be featured in Arc Magazine, the leading international magazine in architectural lighting design. 

‘Serious kudos to all entrants – their work is testimony to the fact that the lighting industry is ablaze with bold and wonderful innovations. We’ve well and truly entered a period of high artistic and technological developments: The Belle Eqoque of Light, where designers, manufacturers, and IoT developers are the new originators bringing joy to architectural spaces and life as we know it.’ said Joonas Rinne, VP Marketing at Casambi.