Casambi discontinues CBM-003A

Helsinki, Finland – March 19, 2024: Global smart lighting control company, Casambi, announced today the discontinuation of the product CBM-003A, recommending 003B and 003C versions in lieu.  

The Casambi team would like to inform its customers that the CBM-003A has reached its end of life. The CBM-003A is a Class 2 embedded Bluetooth module equipped with a sheet metal PIFA antenna.  

This product has reached the end of its product life cycle and will be discontinued. 

Overview of the CBM-003 Series: 

The CBM-003 module series is tailored for integration into LED drivers, various lighting control applications, light fixtures, and LED bulbs. It comes pre-loaded with Casambi’s proprietary firmware, ensuring seamless compatibility with other Casambi-enabled devices. Among our customers, the CBM-003B and CBM-003C models have garnered greater favor due to their technical attributes, particularly in antenna and footprint design. The CBM-003B features an on-board SMD ceramic chip antenna, while the CBM-003C is equipped with a 1/4 wavelength monopole antenna. Both alternatives are deemed superior to the CBM-003A, which utilizes a sheet metal PIFA antenna.  

For any inquiries related to the End-of-Life statement of the CBM-003A, please contact