Casambi joins CSA alliance confirming support for Matter  

Helsinki, Finland – May 24, 2022: Global smart lighting control company Casambi has announced its membership in the Connectivity Standards Alliance, officially backing the new Matter standard.  

Matter is a global connectivity standard in development that will enable IoT devices and ecosystems from participating companies to communicate with one another easily and securely, regardless of brand. Its objective is to make it easier for manufacturers to build products that are compatible with smart home and voice services. 

Anticipated to become the most significant standard for the Smart Home market, Matter is supported by many big names in the field including Amazon, Apple, Comcast, and Google, who have all decided to unify. Each of the participating companies is bringing its own code to the table, and co-developing open-source implementation for various platforms, from Linux to Windows, to Android.  

We foresee Matter bringing substantial new opportunities, especially to the Smart Home space for which the interoperability has been suboptimal. It is our intention to become the smart lighting control solution for Matter. Therefore, we are fully committed to supporting the standard in the future. said Timo Pakkala, Founder of Casambi Technologies. 

Matter will build on top of existing IP connectivity protocols, namely wi-fi, and Thread, and will use Bluetooth for commissioning. The final specification of Matter is expected to be released in the fall, of 2022.