Casambi tutorial videos

Casambi has released a series of tutorial videos that will enable getting the most out of the Casambi solution and all of the control power that it offers.  

The videos are designed as guide for specific problem solving and brief introduction to the system to allow individuals to become familiar with the basics as quickly as possible. They enable an introductory knowledge about Casambi possibilities for anyone looking to become more familiar with wireless control for lighting.

Casambi app tutorial videos:

  1. Casambi app overview  
  1. Casambi Classic & Evolution explanation  
  1. Casambi Control hierarchy  
  1. How to use Casambi for the first time 
  1. How to create a Casambi network 
  1. Casambi Luminaires tab  
  1. How to create a basic scene 
  1. How to create an animation scene  
  1. How to setup timers  
  1. How to configure a switch  
  1. How to configure a Casambi Xpress  
  1. How to configure a presence sensor  
  1. How to share a Casambi network  
  1. How to setup remote access and configure DALI gateway  
  1. How to unpair devices 

Casambi Pro tutorial videos:

  1. Introduction to Casambi Pro for iPad
  2. Casambi Pro for iPad: Features overview