Casambi welcomes Atrium as a new value-added reseller in the United Kingdom

Atrium new Casambi partner in UK

Atrium, a UK-based specialist lighting supplier, is joining forces with Casambi. The primary objective of this new VAR partnership is to jointly develop and generate new ideas for the control of artificial lighting with a focus on the health, wellbeing, and technology sectors. 

In addition, the partnership will enable Atrium and Casambi to forge a deeper connection with the industry through a better understanding of the ways in which artificial light can be managed and controlled simply and intuitively through Casambi and the many positive effects of a human-centric lighting strategy. In the UK, Atrium will be working together, and in parallel, with Casambi’s original partner, Holders Technology.

Ulysse Dormoy, Strategic Director of Atrium, says, “We are all very excited by this new partnership and for the opportunity to introduce Casambi to both our new and existing customers. In addition, we see this initiative as a logical progression of our business with our exclusive lighting brands – Flos, Louis Poulsen, Cooledge, Sattler, and Intra Lighting – all of whom are already Casambi Ecosystem partners.” 

Ulysse adds, “Wireless control is undoubtedly the future, and we have seen the adoption of Casambi grow within our own projects and, apart from the ease of setup and commissioning, the adoption of wireless controls allows for a reduction in material and installation costs through the reduction of onsite cabling which can only be a positive environmental benefit.”

Casambi VP of sales EMEA, Luca Ragaglia, says, “We are very pleased with this new partnership as Atrium is a premium brand in the UK lighting sector, focusing predominantly in the specification sales arena. This aligns with Casambi’s go-to-market strategy for project delivery. Casambi’s phenomenal growth and success over the past few years has laid the path for the need to grow our product route to market and local project support resources.”  

Atrium is now setting up a dedicated Casambi team to support their specifiers and industry colleagues at large for the successful development and realization of Casambi-controlled projects, with official trading between the two companies commencing on Tuesday 4th  January 2022.

Left to right: Matt Emerson (Atrium), Owen Basara-Hamilton (Casambi), Ulysse Dormoy (Atrium), Scott Kelly (Atrium), Stephen Jackson (Casambi), Joonas Rinne (Casambi)

About Atrium:
Atrium focuses entirely on lighting with a portfolio of exclusive brands that individually, collectively, and comprehensively deliver best-in-class lighting design and technology to commercial projects, hospitality venues, residential developments, and high street retailing.  Atrium is the UK’s largest independent specialist lighting supplier. We add value to our clients’ projects through a deep understanding of how light affects and influences the human condition, a wealth of expertise gained through a diversity of projects over 45 years, and a team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals.