EnOcean and Casambi – the perfect pairing

Casambi’s revolutionary Bluetooth lighting control system unlocks the potential of EnOcean wireless switches. The new Diageo headquarters in Edinburgh, the £21 million Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow and the 30,000 m2 new building at the Ulster Hospital in Northern Ireland – these are just a few of the locations where EnOcean energy harvesting wireless switches are being used with Casambi to provide professional, reliable lighting control.

New ways to control light

Casambi is the revolutionary wireless system that’s changing the way buildings control light. The Casambi Ready ecosystem of interoperable luminaires, sensors and control devices is growing – and EnOcean’s products occupy a special place in it

Casambi enables compatible products, including EnOcean switches, to create a wireless mesh network based on Bluetooth. It has no central hub or gateway – every node holds all the intelligence needed to keep the network running. If a luminaire or other device fails, or is removed, replaced or reconfigured, the rest of the network adapts. It’s a self-healing, flexible system.

Casambi is also the only lighting control system in which wireless switches from EnOcean can be paired with the whole network, rather than just the nearest individual node.

This ability to pair with an entire Casambi network means that EnOcean devices benefit fully from the robustness of Casambi’s mesh architecture. This makes operation even more reliable, and means the initial pairing process of EnOcean switches with Casambi couldn’t be easier. Mobile EnOcean switches can also be used as remote controllers across the whole network area.

Many ways for integration

Integration with Casambi opens up a world of opportunities for EnOcean products. All you need are Casambi Ready luminaires and the free Casambi app – no complex commissioning or setup, and no new wiring.

The Casambi app also lets you control lights using any mobile device. Powered by Bluetooth, Casambi works with every smartphone, tablet and smart watch. Lights can also be controlled using sensors, timers and wired switches and dimmers equipped with a Casambi Bluetooth module.

Interoperability ensured

The Casambi Ready Ecosystem is the biggest of its kind. There are thousands of compatible luminaires, drivers and control components. The technology is incorporated into luminaires from the likes of ERCO, Fagerhult and Zumtobel, and drivers from Tridonic, Meanwell, TCI and many more. All are interoperable with EnOcean switches on a Casambi network.

It’s a tried-and-tested system that is being used to manage thousands of lights right now at global locations including commercial offices, museums, universities and retail stores. Users all over the world are learning that Casambi is the ideal way to unlock the full potential of EnOcean.