Casambi interviewing Giovanni Cusumano

Giovanni Cusumano is studying at the architecture department of “Università degli studi di Palermo” and in his final year making his thesis about a marble luminaire with an integrated smart lighting control system from Casambi. “H.A.L” , as its name suggests, is inspired, in its concept, by Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece “2001: A space odissey”. In fact its’ extremely simple but strong, design wants to recall the famous monolith seen in the movie, and its name the high technological features that will be integrated in it. “H.A.L 9000” in fact is, in the movie, an extremely technological and intelligent computer. For his thesis Giovanni Cusumano is cooperating with two local professional firms, Palumbo Marmi and Luceled Pro, who both are willing to build a prototype of the luminaire, and even to extend the collaboration beyond this project.

Casambi interviewed Giovanni Cusumano about his thoughts of lighting today.

Why did you choose to use Casambi technology in your project?
I chose Casambi because I find it an extremely smart and simple control system that opens a whole new world in the field of lighting and interior design. Design is meant to solve problems and simplify life, and I think that Casambi perfectly fits in this statement.

Did you have previous experience from lighting control systems?
No, I’m actually a beginner with this kind of lighting control system, I started studying it while working on my thesis. I find it a very interesting field, for what concerns both technology and design, and I’m studying and learning everyday more and more.

How do you like the Casambi system?
I find the Casambi system very simple and intuitive. The fact the any user can be able to utilize it without the need of being a technician it’s the most important feature, I think. The app is so simple and well designed that anyone would be able to use it: controlling your house lights, all of them, with the bare touch of your finger it’s just amazing.

What kind of applications do you see Casambi fits to?
I think that Casambi, for what I’ve seen, can fit in any kind of setting. I can see it in a museum, allowing to set the perfect lights for an exhibition for example. Also it is, obviously, a helpful device to have in your own home, simplifying your daily life. And as I’ve seen from the projects published, the system can be scaled to any situation and need.

Why did you study lighting? What inspired you to that path?
I’ve always been fascinated by the use of natural and artificial light in architecture. I’ve never really studied in deep lighting before I started my thesis, but I’ve always paid attention to the use of light in all of my project. I’ve decided to extend my knowledge of this field because I think it’s a fundamental side of the architecture and design project, plus it’s a constantly evolving field of study, that day by day improves itself, and Casambi is a proof of it. The right light can make any project a piece of art.

Where do you hope your career will take you?
I hope my career will allow me to experience and practice alongside with talented people, from everywhere, that can make me learn everyday something new. I’m looking forward to become an Interior and product designer, and I hope that someday this will be reality.

What do you feel are the trends in lighting at the moment?
I think that every company that works with lighting is improving its products especially on the technological side, but never forgetting the design. For example I find really interesting the OLED technology, that I think has started a whole new way of thinking the lighting design. Or companies, that are able to mix high technology with some gorgeous design. As I’ve been able to observe, a lot of trends are spreading in this field: I’ve seen projects with a vintage accent, others that feature a more artisanal and handcrafted look, and objects with minimal lines that, for my personal taste, never get old.