Casambi News in issue 93 of Mondo*Arc magazine

Mondoarc #93 2016

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We are very happy to be featured in issue 93 oct/nov of Mondo*Arc magazine with the Studio House -project that has been done in collaboration with Occhio. Occhio provides a lighting control system called Occhio Air, which is based on Casambi technology. Occhio integrates the Casambi CBM-001 chip within their already well designed and highly technological luminaires, which creates an optimal solution in terms of lighting and lighting controls. The article can be found on page 158. Enjoy.

We are constantly improving and advancing our app and firmware please read more about it on page 176.

On page 154 Dr Geoff Archenhold writes in his article “Will Smart Buildings Be A Security Risk Too Far?” about the vulnerabilities of Zigbee and Wi-Fi based smart home systems. The article talks about the security risks and the concerns when it comes to cyber-attacks. Dr Archenhold lists precautions and questions for a system planner to ask and consider when planning such a system. An article worth reading and seriously consider to use lighting management systems that do not require Wi-Fi for operation, like a Bluetooth Low Energy based Casambi solution.