New functionality enables easier control of EnOcean, DALI and motion sensor devices

We at Casambi, at the world’s leading provider of smart wireless lighting control software technologies, have issued a new firmware update to our smart lighting platform to provide integrated support for users of EnOcean switches, Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) devices and movement sensors. A new control hierarchy has also been developed to make it easier for users to automate lighting operation across a wireless network and to allow manual overrides to be performed when required.

EnOcean switches can now be paired to a Casambi network and work seamlessly within our framework. With the support of NFC technology, system commissioning is rapid and settings are easy to configure. Within a Casambi lighting control solution, the EnOcean switches can control luminaires individually or in groups across a network and operate different programmable scenes and sequences.

We has integrated support for DALI devices within our smart lighting control platform to enable colour temperature and colour changes for device type 8 (DT8) fixtures and allow control of a linear DALI dimming curve for drivers that support device type 6 (DT6) extensions. When commissioning the DALI system, the Casambi firmware now automatically assigns and reassigns DALI short addresses to DALI drivers. At each power-on, the platform verifies that all required addresses are available and short addressing is then only performed if needed.

The Casambi lighting control system now supports movement sensors so that lighting can be turned on or off automatically. The movement input can come from ordinary relay-based movement sensors turning a smart switch or mains-powered push button input of a Casambi-ready device, and from a movement sensor integrated with our CBM-001 module. It also provides an opportunity to track the data from individual sensors, and standalone sensor devices can now be quickly configured by simply navigating to the ‘sensors’ tab within the Casambi app for tablets and smartphones.

A new control hierarchy allows users more co-operative configuration across a network between automated lighting controls (presence sensors and timers) and manual lighting controls (the app, switches and push buttons). For example, the platform will enable a timer to switch lighting on or off within an office area at a designated time or when a person is detected by a motion sensor, but facility managers or staff can manually override this automation if lighting needs to change at other times or locations.

Our latest system update also integrates improvements to the functionality of the Xpress switch, easier ID configuration when a Casambi unit is replaced with another unit, and extended possibilities for networks to have global fade times for starting up, toggling and dimming. A series of fine firmware adjustments also provides support for two mobile devices to simultaneously connect with each Casambi device without limiting control responsiveness.