US LED Ltd products to incorporate Casambi wireless control for seamless user experience

Helsinki, Finland – August 16, 2022: Global smart lighting control company, Casambi, announced today its strategic partnership with US LED, the Houston-headquartered full-service provider of ultra-long-life LED lighting 

US LED is adding Casambi’s mesh network capabilities into its products enabling the creation of wireless solutions for individual luminaire and zone-level lighting control through the Casambi App. By combining capabilities, the two companies will provide the US market with wireless Bluetooth controllers that are easy to install and confer broad functionality with minimal additional deployment costs.  

‘US LED is not only a top-tier LED lighting manufacturer, but they also provide design services and turnkey installations for some of the biggest industrial and commercial projects across the US. We are delighted to be partnering up to bring innovative solutions to this market’ said Mark McClear, GM North America at Casambi. ‘Together, we can cater to the growing demand for seamless LED control solutions in a flourishing market.’  

“US LED is thrilled to partner with Casambi to combine their full range of wireless lighting control capabilities with our ultra-long life LED products,” says Ron Farmer, CEO of US LED. “The high quality and performance of our products, combined with the easy commissioning and support from Casambi, will provide an opportunity for North American customers to integrate wireless controls easily and inexpensively into their commercial and industrial lighting applications. Casambi lighting controls can interconnect with other building control systems to future proof their facilities for the ever-expanding Internet-of-Things (IoT).” 

About Casambi  
Casambi is changing the way people and businesses light their surroundings. Since 2011, the Finland-headquartered company has established itself as the leading producer of wireless lighting control systems, using technology based on Bluetooth Low Energy. Hundreds of third-party ecosystem providers already enjoy dynamic user experience, excellent reliability, and unparalleled performance. Casambi’s technology can be integrated into anything from individual lighting fixture controls to industrial-scale solutions with cloud-based remote control, monitoring, and data logging. 

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Andrew Smith 
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About US LED Ltd 
Since 2001, US LED has been a full-service provider of commercial and industrial LED lighting, sign lighting, and other building technology solutions. Thanks to decades of engineering expertise, US LED continuously offers ultra-long-life lighting that approaches or exceeds 200,000-Hour L70 lifetimes backed by our industry-leading Ten-Year Warranty. Additionally, much of the product portfolio gets assembled in Houston, Texas.  

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