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The BBC installs Casambi wireless lighting controls across the UK. Nine major sites – including the broadcaster’s London HQ – will benefit from the Casambi’s slick, intuitive, app-based lighting control harnessing Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh.

The BBC’s output reaches more than 400 million people around the world every week, and its TV news operation is the biggest in the world. Now the organisation wants to bring the same forward-thinking approach to its buildings, which house numerous TV and radio studios, data centres and offices.

The BBC is on a mission to reduce energy use, improve comfort for staff, and introduce smarter, more flexible control. All upgrades must achieve energy reductions of at least 20% in order to go ahead, in line with the BBC’s sustainability strategy.

At Broadcasting House, the BBC’s London HQ, 2,000 fluorescent light fittings in the new part of the building have been replaced with LED alternatives, together with new sensors and Casambi wireless control. The eight-storey Broadcasting House operates 24 hours a day, and is home to BBC News as well as several radio stations.

The building’s old T5 fittings, which were controlled using a 1-10v system, have been replaced one-for-one with recessed linear LED luminaires from WILA Lighting.

Choosing a Casambi system gave the BBC team access to the entire Casambi Ready ecosystem of thousands of interoperable sensors and control devices. Sensors from Tridonic and Danlers have been installed to enable presence detection and daylight dimming, ensuring lights are only on when they’re needed. Energy-harvesting wireless switches from EnOcean are also being used, which provide another easy way for staff to control the lights. EnOcean’s wireless switches are particularly well suited to Casambi, because it is the only lighting control system in which they can be paired with the whole network, rather than just the nearest individual node, ensuring reliable commissioning and operation.

The installation at Broadcasting House was carried out during late evenings, and each area being upgraded had to be ready the following morning when staff returned to their desks, so there would be no disruption.

Because Casambi is completely wireless, it’s ideal for projects in existing buildings where adding new wiring is difficult. The new luminaires and sensors were simply installed in the spaces left by the old equipment, using existing power lines, but with the old wired control function no longer in use. In certain areas, versions of WILA’s Cluster luminaires featuring tuneable white light were installed, so that colour temperature can be adjusted via the Casambi control platform from a warm 2700K to a cool 6500K. 

Apart from Casambi Ready luminaires, sensors and switches, no other hardware is required to operate and control the new lighting, so installation at all of the BBC locations was quick, simple and cost-effective. The system was commissioned wirelessly from a remote location, meaning there was no need for anyone to be on site, minimising disruption to work.

The client is delighted with the results at Broadcasting House. The space has been described as brighter and more vibrant, and all the feedback so far has been positive. The flexibility to adjust light levels at any time means the BBC has been able to easily accommodate staff preferences and requests.


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