Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport is operated by Finland’s national airport management company, Finavia, and is part of the global air traffic network. In keeping with reliable, easy-to-operate high-quality lighting requirements during its ongoing operations, the upgrade of Terminal 1’s outdated lighting system commenced in 2018. Airam Casambi-ready luminaires and Casambi wireless lighting control were installed.

Airam states that the original mercury vapor lamps that had been in use since Terminal 1 was opened in 1991 were no longer available as well as no adjustment systems for the luminaires being in place. Added to this was poor color rendering, leaving the colors looking unnatural and flat – all points leading to a much-needed revamp.

Project objectives were to find a long-lasting, high-quality lighting solution that would be wireless for sections of Terminal 1 with a high ceiling, the maintenance corridors on the bottom floor, and the corridors connecting terminals T1 and T2. Additionally, unique scene-setting for the different areas and general energy efficiency were also high priorities.

Airport terminals require 24/7 optimized illumination, all year round. At Helsinki Airport, this has been achieved with Casambi Ready daylight sensors that adjust the lighting levels as needed when there is a plentiful amount of sunlight coming through the terminal’s large windows. General lighting at the boarding gates has been assigned to ensure a calm and cozy atmosphere. Commercial spaces within the vicinity (each with its brand guidelines) also have more apt lighting. 

The wireless Casambi lighting control solution has contributed to much lower installation costs and has led to up to 75% energy consumption savings. Additionally, it allowed for a smoother installation phase as the luminaires could be mounted on the existing conductor rails. The lighting system renovation at Helsinki Airport’s Terminal 1 was finished in spring 2019, much to Finavia’s satisfaction. Finavia maintenance manager Ari Liukkonen says, ‘Good lighting conditions improve comfort and enhance the customer experience while creating a pleasant atmosphere.

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