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Casambi commissioner Nicola Gill

While my official title at Holders Technology is that of sales manager, I am passionate about technology and, in particular, how it applies to our projects and the client experience. For that reason, I like to “get my hands dirty” and take part in commissioning from time to time. These wide, varied, and high-profile projects include Chivas Glasgow, PWC Belfast, and Prince and the Princess of Wales Hospice, Glasgow.  

I first learned of Casambi back in 2017 when I joined Holders Technology. The concept and origin of Casambi as a company (who predominantly had a background in Bluetooth Low Energy rather than lighting) excited me. In addition, Casambi’s outside of the standard lighting controls box ideas are intriguing, enabling us at Holders to avoid preconceptions of how lighting has historically been controlled. This gives us absolute freedom of design. 

I feel very lucky to have the job of selling a solution not seen before within our industry 

I initially got training on commissioning with Casambi, both at their headquarters and subsequently through Casambi’s online courses as their functionality continuously develops. Having said that, I have also gotten invaluable experience with onsite commissioning. This has enabled me to offer guidance to specifiers, lighting designers, contractors, and end-users on how they can get the very best out of their lighting system – all based on the hardware that has been implemented. 

Commissioning starts with a common understanding

Pre-commissioning visits are key to ensuring that the lighting and lighting controls installations are understood and agreed upon before commencing. Commissioning starts with getting a common understanding of the philosophy of the space with the client, right down to the sensors, and switch operations per room. It is important to understand the client’s needs to be able to suggest the best functions needed. The client has invested a lot in the new lighting control solution, and I want them to get the best out of their investment. 

Casambi has a very user-friendly interface, meaning the end client no longer has to fear the lighting control system, which previously would have given the illusion that there is some kind of dark art involved. In addition, ensuring the commission specification is detailed and agreed upon means that the client is kept in the loop throughout the process and knows what to expect on finalization. We also provide diligent training before the final handover.

With Casambi now having a roll-back function, the best thing I get to say is, “You can’t break it”. We can always take it right back to how it was signed off on day one of project completion. Finally, because it has been done formally and not adhoc, we can always offer to make changes remotely should any fine-tuning be needed, therefore having a record for future reference.

It’s only fair that clients are shown how to get the best from their system

If the commissioning is appointed to an individual who just takes out an iPad and makes it up on the spot, the client will not be maximizing their system’s potential, nor will they understand just what a great system they have purchased! This is all irrespective of the size of the client.

As you can tell, I love what I do. I love the people I have worked with, past and present, both at Casambi and Holders, and watching customers’ faces light up (excuse the pun) when they learn about the system too. 

Holders’ lighting and control solutions product activities range from the sale of lighting components to supporting customers with the design and assembly of complete light engine solutions and also offer a complete ecosystem of wireless lighting control products, as well as smart lighting and smart building solutions.