Adquio Screen Casambi Gateway

Touch screen designed to work continuously without interruptions 24/7. Due to its characteristics, it is perfect to act as an HMI, and as a Gateway for Casambi facilities. Support to place it on the wall in a fixed way. It facilitates installations by being able to interact directly with them without the need for a mobile phone. Once the installation is complete, the client can activate their scenes from our screen, or they can choose to have a customized HMI where they will only have access to the necessary controls for their facility.

By acting as a Gateway, another device is no longer necessary to connect the Casambi installation to the internet. Therefore it performs two important functions:

  1. It acts as a screen to configure and for subsequent control of the installation.
  2. It makes the Casambi Gateway reliable and robust, to connect the installation to the internet securely.



  • You can install it physically on one wall
  • You have a dedicated device for commissioning
  • Your client have a dedicated device form Casambi control and configuration
  • The same device for Casambi control and Casambi Gateway
  • Fits well in all sceneries
  • Ethernet 1Gb connection and POE for big stability and easy installation
  • Designed for work 24/7
  • Tested long-term stability with Casambi Android Gateway
  • Remote control for each screen, (better support)
  • Android 10 and Play Store for more flexibility
  • Other HMIs availables for Casambi control (require adquio controller)
  • Possibility of HMIs designed for each room
  • Many screen on the facility, where control is necessary.
  • Control Casambi devices, but also others, such as climate, blinds, etc.