Aicci DL1 desk lamps

Desk lamp series with healthy and effective light for office and computer work. Ideal for the height adjustable desks.

To facilitate adaptation to rapid changes in working life, lighting solutions are needed that can be easily installed, moved and modified – if possible, by the users themselves. The Aicci DL1 desk lamps are a well-being lighting and performance supporting solution for these new and transforming working environments.

Aicci DL1 desk lamps, mount on the edge of the desk, taking up very little space on the tabletop and move with the height-adjustable and movable desk, providing an optimal, ergonomically comfortable and adjustable wide-angle lighting for work, preventing eye fatigue and irritation. The light of the desk lamp can be adjusted by the built-in dynamic Casambi lighting control. The luminaires have a modular design, which allows the creation of different lighting conditions, facilitates the organisation of power cables and wiring, the integration of functional accessories and the serviceability of the desk lamps.

In a nutshell

  • Two (2) size
  • Allows the creation of different lighting conditions
  • Improves the light and workstation usability and maintenance
  • Light colour temperature 2000-6500K
  • Luminous flux by size 1362-2497lm
  • 1-way and 2-way light distribution
  • Socket module with 3-unit
  • Cable tray to simplify office table’s cable management
  • Easy to use with integrated Casambi control, connection directly to a socket
  • Designed and made in Finland by Aicci

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