AIM Projektor

AIM Projektor is a sleek and functional contour spotlight with advanced optics designed for use in both commercial and residential applications such as museums, galleries, offices, restaurants, and retail projects. The luminaire’s front can rotate 360° horizontally and 90° vertically without any blind spots, ensuring precise illumination exactly where it’s needed. The spotlight projector is ideal for where focused and directed lighting is needed. With AIM Projektor, it is possible to create round or square projections with sharp or diffused edges. When projected onto a painting, for example, it creates a dramatic illuminating effect some of the applications are highlighting artwork, architectural features or creating a dramatic lighting effect in museums, galleries, or office, restaurant, and retail projects. It is complemented with GOBO to provide versatility and flexibility to achieve the lighting goals.

  • AIM – 20W.
  • Powder coated, textured white RAL9003, textured black RAL9005.
  •  CCT- 2700K, 3000K & 4000K.
  •  CRI>90.
  • Accessory – GOBO.

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